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AdoptMEET ZAEDA - Adopted!!

Prior to her “new life” with Helping Paws Rescue, Zaeda had an owner who loved her but just couldn’t keep her due to financial and time restraints, so he surrendered her to Athens-Clarke County Animal Control. Bonnie thought she was a great dog with a lot of potential and couldn’t leave her at a very full shelter, so she rescued her and brought her home.

Zaeda is just over 1 ½ years old and we think she’s a lab/pitbull mix. She lives in a multi-dog house with 4 other dogs (including a small Chihuahua mix) and is doing well with all of them. She comes to work with Bonnie almost every day. She loves to run and play fetch and has recently learned to swim! She’s not a high energy dog, but she is an active young dog that needs daily exercise to stay in a healthy mental stay. She enjoys social time with other dogs, but is not completely comfortable in a busy Rowdy Rovers group, so she would probably not enjoy being a dog that came to daycare every day. Bonnie would prefer that she go to a home with a fenced yard but it’s not totally necessary as long as her new owner can provide adequate mental and physical stimulation for her each day.

If you are interested in meeting Zaeda, you can reach out to Bonnie at Bonnie is willing to foster her as long as it takes to find her the perfect home – she deserves it!










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AdoptMEET COPELAND - Special Needs Case

Copeland is a two year old beagle with lots of love to share! He is a small little guy weighing in at about 24 pounds.

Copeland is a special case that is going to take a really special someone to be his happily ever after. At present, he is working on some behavioral modification in the hopes of rehabilitating him enough that he can be placed in a home successfully. However, please read his story below and feel free to email us at if you’d like more details on his situation and how you can help with his rehabilitation.

Copeland was originally brought into Helping Paws Rescue in February 2017. He was an owner surrender to Barrow County Animal Control and not much is known about his past life before arriving at the shelter. At the shelter, he was fearful and they reported that he was distrustful of men, so when we came to evaluate him, we were skeptical if he would be able to be handled. He showed fearful, tense, and what appeared to be submissive body language with us, but allowed us to handle him and pick him up without incident. Like so many dogs at the shelter, he was in fact completely shutdown, so we decided that we would give him a chance to flourish with us.

Since then, he has bounced through several foster homes and has had increasingly aggressive reactions to both other dogs in the home and strangers. For the past 6 months, he has been living at our Westside facility where the staff have been working diligently with him on learning trust and also on how to read his body language when he’s uncomfortable so that he isn’t put in situations that he feels the need to bite. On May 9th, 2018 he went to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a behavioral consultation and they diagnosed him with a generalized anxiety disorder that manifests in fear aggression. Like people that suffer from the same disorder, he lacks the coping mechanisms to deal with situations he perceives as stressful and so he has learned that the only way he can control the situation is to bite. His behavioral modification exercises will hopefully build a foundation for him to learn those coping mechanisms. If successful in his rehabilitation, UGA has offered to continue consulting with his new family so that they can continue to receive professional feedback on his transition into a new home.

When you get around Copeland’s troubled emotions, you get to see a very sweet, intelligent, and downright silly personality. He loves to play with toys and will happily toss them to himself. He loves going for car rides and walks. He enjoys being with the people that he trusts, leaning against them and napping nearby. He also loves to learn new things. He has all his basic manners down cold including sit, down, wait, walking nicely on a leash, and potty training. He has been clicker trained as well, and he loves to work for his food and treats with that. We are committed to giving Copeland his best chance at happiness. We will update his bio with his progress. We are limited his visitors at the moment but would love to hear from someone that might be willing to work with him and bring them into their home.

Sponsored by the Klonowskis "In honor and memory of our sweet Bernard"